Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help Support the Stockton Fire Department.

Our craft fair is a big yearly event for the town of Stockton.  It was started several years ago by Nadine West, wife of Fire Chief Donald West Sr. to help bring money to the fire department.  The Stockton Fire Department is managed by volunteer fire fighters as like most of Tooele County fire departments. Through the years the craft fair has grown and people tend to look forward to it every year.  Now, the fair has been passed down to Jamie West, the wife of Fire Chief Donnie West.  Jamie has been working very hard to fill Nadine's shoes in the fair.  All the proceeds from the bake sale, soup sales, booth fees and the raffle will go the fire department for some new bunker gear, so they can keep the town of Stockton free from fires.  Please come and help support the fire department!!!

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