Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Booths!!!

Our Craft Raffle along with the Quilt Raffle, all of our crafters donated an item from their booths.

The Yummy Bake Good that were sold.

The Fire Department Booth, they sold reflective house number signs and Stockton Fire Department shirts.

Our Craft Booths!!!!

Angie Perez, owner of Girlie Girl Accessories. She sold adorable jewerly and accessories.  Visit her blog

Dixie Boulard, she sold beatuiful jewerly.

Betty-Jo Davis, she sold cute scripture bags and gift bags.

Donna Wilde, she sold fun children activity bags and wheat hot/cold packs.

Dorothy York, she was selling her cute crocheted wares and homemade fudge.

Jackie Whitehouse, she sold her rice hot/cold packs, creative scrapbooks (made from paper bags), and fun dish towels.

Jennifer Johnson, sold her adorable stick horsies.

Kathy Julander, sold her wares from Tupperware, Home Interiors, and Xyng. Visit her websites, and (look for her as a consultant).

Laurie Deitz, she sold her cute Sock Monkeys, hand painted tote bags and colorful hair accessories.

Ellen Montague and Family, they sold their awesome wares.  So many creative crafts and artwork.

Kay Shubert, she sold beautiful Jewelry.

Marilynn Thiessens, she was selling Park Lane Jewelry.  Visit

Nadine West, she sold her beautiful lighted pine cone baskets, cute receiving blankets, stitched pillows, and colorful scrubbies and dish clothes.

Sharon Nevarz, sold her cute blankets and quilts and fun sock monkeys.

Lori Phillips, she sold yummy scented Salt City Candles and cute holiday decor.

Tammy Carter, she sold her cute plastic canvas crafts.

Thank you for Everone's Support!!!!

This year our Craft Fair and Bake Sale was such a great success.  The Fire Department made over $700 profit....this will help our firefighters with training and get new equipment for the Station.  Also we had alot of people donate soup and bake goods, thanks to Diane Gordon who made a list and went around asking people for donations.  Nadine West did an awesome job starting things up on friday.  Thanks Again to all those who came, donated, and participated in this event we couldn't have done it without you.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Help Support The Stockton Fire Department!!!!

We put on this Craft Fair and Bake Sale to help support the department.  All of the proceeds we earn from the Fair we give to the Firefighters.  They use the money for new equipment, training, etc.  These guys do an awesome job in our town.  The Firefighters volunteer their time and effort to save lives.  They are always looking for volunteers in the Town.  

Our Spots are All Filled Up!!!!

I am happy on our results with finding Crafters for the fair.  We have filled up our spots.  Thank you for those of you who signed up.  I don't know about you, but I am really excited about the Craft Fair.  I hope we have success with this years fair.  We are still looking for donations for the Bake Sale.  All the proceeds from the Soup, Raffle, Booth Fees, and Bake Sale all go to the Stockton Fire Department. This helps our guys get new equipment and training.  Come and help support the Stockton Fire Department.

Stockton Craft Fair and Bake Sale
When : November 19th and 20th, 2010
Time: 10 am to 6 pm (Friday)
         10 am to 4 pm (Saturday)
Where: Stockton Fire Department (Stockton, Utah)
            207 N. Conner  (Take SR-36 South, 6 miles south of Tooele).

Friday, November 5, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quilt Raffle!!!

Every year we raffle off a Handmade Quilt and this year is no exception.  Nadine makes the beautifiul quilts every year.  This we have a Warm Denim Quilt to raffle off.  We also invite our crafters to donate a handmade item from their booth to be raffled.  If you would like to purchase raffle tickets, they will be available at the Stockton Station (on the corner of Conner and Silver Ave.) and at the Craft Far.  The Drawing will happen on Saturday November 20th around 4pm.  The tickets are 1 for $1 and 6 for $5.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crafters Wanted!!! (There's still room)

We are still looking for Crafters or Sellers for our Craft Fair.  If want to sell your tole painted creations, lotions, notions & potions, paper made designs, sewn keepsakes, or an awesome product (like Pampered Chef, Cookie Lee, Avon, Mary Kay, etc.),  please call Jamie West at  435-840-8183 or e-mail Jamie West at  

Stockton Craft Fair and Bake Sale
When : November 19th and 20th, 2010
Time: 10 am to 6 pm (Friday)
         10 am to 4 pm (Saturday)
Where: Stockton Fire Department (Stockton, Utah)
            207 N. Conner  (Take SR-36 South, 6 miles south of Tooele).

Yummy Food!!!!

Rita Tafoya-
Selling Homemade Mexician Food.

Corn Chowder
New England Clam Chowder
Taco Soup
Cheesy Soup
Creamy Tomato Soup

$1.75 a Bowl (includes a yummy homemade roll).
$7.50 a Quart.

Bake Sale!!!!
Delicious Bake Goods donated by the People of Stockton.

All proceeds from the Soup and Bake Sale go to the Stockton Fire Department.

We Also Have Some NEW Crafters Joining Us!!!!

Jackie Whitehouse-
Scrapbooks, Kitchen Towels and Rice Bags.

Marilynn Thiessens-
Selling Park Lane Jewerly.

Valerie Elkriver-
Handmade Jewerly.

Dixie Boulard-
Homemade Hats and Pet Stuff.

Patty Wheeler -
Awesome Goods and Crafts

Donna Jarvis -
Handmade Crafts and beatiful gift ideas.

Danialle Shields-
Selling Miche Bags (very cute!!!)
Check it out!!!

Jennifer Johnson-
Adorable Stick Horses

Betty-Jo Davis-
Cute and Fun Scripture Bags

We Still Have Our Favorite Crafters!!!!

One of Nadine's Cute Pine Cone Baskets.

Here it is Lighted Up!!!  Pretty Cute, Huh!?

Nadine West-
Quilts, Pine Cone Baskets, Scrubbies, Baby Items (Blankets, Bibs, etc).

Lori Phillips and Family-
Salt City Candles, Variety of other Crafts.

Dorothy York-
Adorable Crocheted Items and Baby Stuff.

Ellen Montaque and Family-
Awesome and Creative Crafts (Duct Tape Wallets, Clay Figurines, Painted Candy Bar and Animal Rocks, etc). 

Kathy Julander-
Selling Tupperware and Home Interiors.

Tammy Carter-
Very Cute Plastic Canvas Items.

Kay Shubert-
Beautiful Jewelry.

Sharon Nevarz-
Cute Sock Monkeys and More.

Donna Wilde -
She is selling her Children Activity Bags.

Featured Crafter!!!!

Girlie Girl Accessories!!!!
Owner - Angie Perez
Stansbury, Utah
Check out her adorable blog and creations!!!!
She's also on Facebook!!!!/pages/Girlie-Girl-Accessories/156088974415269?v=wall

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crafter's Wanted!!!!!

We are looking for Crafters.  This year a deposit will be required at booth sign up.  The deposit is $10 with sign up and $20 for the booth fee, so total $30 non-refundable fee.  If you are interested please call Jamie West at 435-840-8183, you can email me at, or message me on Facebook (Jamie Wilde West).  Please give your name, phone number and type of craft or ware you'll be selling.  Deadline for sign up is Saturday November 13th, 2010.

Stockton Craft Fair and Bake Sale
When : November 19th and 20th, 2010
Time: 10 am to 6 pm (Friday)
         10 am to 4 pm (Saturday)
Where: Stockton Fire Department (Stockton, Utah)
            207 N. Conner  (Take SR-36 South, 6 miles south of Tooele).

Our Annual Craft Fair!!!!!!!

Yes, Its that time of year again.  The weather is turning colder and kids are in school.  Now its time to start planning our Annual Craft Fair.  This is going to be our 12th Annual Craft.  It was started by Nadine West in 1998 and we have created an awesome event that we all look forward before Christmas.  As the Stockton Fire Department Auxiliary, we give all of the proceeds from the Bake and Soup Sale and Raffle to the Fire Department.  Nadine West has done an awesome job in spearheading this yearly event and she decided that she wanted a break.  So she handed the event over to Me (Jamie West). 

Stockton Craft Fair and Bake Sale
When : November 19th and 20th, 2010
Time: 10 am to 6 pm (Friday)
         10 am to 4 pm (Saturday)
Where: Stockton Fire Department (Stockton, Utah)
            207 N. Conner  (Take SR-36 South, 6 miles south of Tooele).